Hunan Teila Heavy Industry Machinery Service Co., Ltd.

What Does The Teila Heavy Machinery Do?

The Teila Heavy Machinery was founded in 2010 with its headquarter located at Changsha, Hunan province. The company focuses on the post-market development of the engineering machinery and its businesses have been scaled up after years' development. The company set up six departments, including "manufacturing of machines", "second-hand phones", "remanufacturing", "pump components supplement", "leasing" and "training". In other words, its businesses cover the manufacturing of concrete machine, second-hand phones, maintenance and remanufacturing, supplying pump components, leasing equipment, providing technical consulting and personal training, etc.

What Does The Heny Heavy Machinery Do?

Since its establishment, the company has been committed to providing the most satisfying products and service for customers. In order to meet the needs of customers for the integrated service in concrete machinery industry, it is building a sustainable industrial ecological circle. Relying on its experience, accumulation and a professional team of research and production, it has achieved the integration of resources and cooperated with many large and medium-sized machinery manufacturers. it has also developed small arm pumps, small mixers, small mixing stations, and other new equipment in accordance with the needs of China's urbanization. The products are gradually brought to market after rigorous trial testing, providing most reliable and most secure products for customers.

In terms of second-hand phones business, the company has introduced diversified business methods such as mobile phone sales, consignment, auction, replacement, and financing. It has sold more than 1000 sets of the second-hand concrete equipment to domestic and overseas customers. It has successfully implemented the circulation of second-hand concrete equipment and has provided the most diversified choices and the most comprehensive services for customers.

In terms of maintenance and remanufacturing business, it has introduced the highest standards in the industry. It strictly inspects the process and maintenance according to the standards. Standardized management and operation are realized to ensure the "zero failure rate" of equipment. meanwhile, it launches the maintenance services with the network covering all over the nation so that the interest of customers are guaranteed.

In terms of pump components supplement, the company relies on the large-scale development of maintenance and remanufacturing. ERP system management of warehousing materials has been realized. And it has completed the accumulation of components of the different brands in concrete machinery with its warehouse storing over 9000 materials. All of these let the company be able to meet the diversified demands of customers.

In terms of equipment leasing, the company has purchased a lot of sophisticated equipment and introduced effective management plans. While reducing operating costs and ensuring the safety of equipment, it has realized the maintenance of the leasing equipment, so as to achieve refined management, standardized process, and excellent service. Thus, the leasing business of the company is moving toward the new model of the integration of industry resources.

In the field of technical consulting and technical personnel training, though the maintenance and remanufacturing business, the company has absorbed and trained a number of high-end technical talents in the industry. While serving the business of the enterprise, it is gradually providing technical advice and technical research to customers. At the same time, it provides professional skills training courses under the background of the shortage of senior market technicians and excellent operators. Though all the methods. It helps to professionalize technical talents and help industry enterprises to solve difficulties in finding and cultivating talents.

Over the years, the Teila Heavy Machinery has been focusing on the post-market of engineering machinery and has established a good reputation in the industry. It has become the most professional integrated service provider of concrete machinery in China with the scale of its market expanding year by year. The company has successively served tens of thousands of customers, including well-known domestic enterprises such as China railway construction, Sinohydro, and China transportation. It also takes charge of lots of large construction projects like Gezhou Dam. At the same time, the products are sold to Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Las, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, India, and other overseas countries. The company and its staff are not lost among the praises from customers and the market. The pragmatic staff is practicing the development goals of the enterprise; the company is striving to build a team of outstanding and dedicated young people. Both the company and its people take it as their responsibility to create a pleasant corporate culture and an orderly and healthy development environment.

In the future, the Teila Heavy Machinery will continue to uphold its core concept of "integrity and innovation", continue to interpret and carry forward the spirit of "value delivery and win-win cooperation". Being a modal in the industry, it will also promote the integration of quality resources in concrete machinery, boost a benign ecological circle and build first-class enterprises.

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