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Re-manufacturing Technological Process
Admission Test
1 Admission Test The technician will conduct a systematic and comprehensive test to concrete pump when it enters the factory, and fill in the checklist and keep the file.
Restorative Maintenance
2 Restorative Maintenance Chassis functional recovery
Hydraulic, mechanical, electrical functional recovery
Ensure basic function is renewed
Equipment Evaluation
3 Equipment Evaluation Check the function and appearance of concrete pump through road test, engine test and pressure plus water debugging according to remanufactured quality standard, systematic write maintenance item list.
Cleaning the Upper Structure
4 Cleaning the Upper Structure Full and high pressure cleaning, ensure that all parts are free of large cement and oil contamination.
Dismantling the Whole Vehicle
5 Dismantling the Whole Vehicle Dismantle concrete pump. (Include pump unit, hydraulic unit, boom, pipe, outrigger and covering parts)
Repairing the Parts
6 Repairing the Parts Cleaning hydraulic system and all the parts that are dismantled will be repaired and tested and paint them.
Repairing the Chassis
7 Repairing the Chassis Test engine, gearbox, bridge box, brake system and other functional components. Chassis standard maintenance, replacement of damaged parts.
Repairing the functional parts
8 Repairing the functional parts Weld and repair hopper, platform, stairs and other parts which need repair.
Standardized assembly
9 Standardized assembly After chassis is fully cleaned and painted, fitting sequentially under the supervision of quality inspection.
Debugging the equipment
10 Debugging the equipment Debug whole function, correct the parameters through simulate water testing. The QC 
personel debugged procedure strictly according to the inspection standard. Ensure the quality of the equipment and eliminate equipment failure trouble.
Surface treatment
11 Surface treatment Cleaning carefullly for whole equipment.
Painting the equipment
12 Painting the equipment Paint the equipment step by step by remanufacturing painting standards.
Assembly the accessory
13 Assembly the accessory Installation of the accessory parts after finish painting.

Generally inspecting and offline
14 Generally inspecting and offline General inspection of the equipment as per equipment offline standards and rectification of unqualified items. Make sure zero failure of equipment.
Concrete pump 1st level remanufacturing
concrete pump 2nd level remanufacturing
concrete pump 3rd level remanufacturing

Trailer Pump 3rd Level Remanufacturing