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Zoomlion CIFA series classic pump truck won praise from customers

This year, Zoomlion's CIFA series classic pump trucks have combined the advantages of China and the West, achieving technological upgrading and gaining favorable comments from customers during the overseas construction process.

An overseas agent has successively purchased three upgraded zoomlion pump trucks from CIFA: CARBOTECH series, STEELTECH series and CLASSIC series, and participated in urban construction in the Middle East this year. The three pump trucks fully meet the demanding requirements of construction machinery in overseas countries and regions, and their excellent performance has greatly improved the construction efficiency.

The products involved in the construction are imported equipment, among which: CARBOTECH series K45H zoomlion pump truck is equipped with a 45-meter-long boom with a total of 5 arms, and the last two arms are carbon fiber composite materials. Combining Chinese and Western technology, the K45H pump is equipped with the latest 1608EC pumping unit for outstanding performance and light weight. The improved closed circuit has a maximum pumping capacity of 160m3/hour and a maximum pressure of 80bar and is equipped with an advanced electronic management system. The STEELTECH series of K36L is a concrete pump truck that is specifically designed for the European market and is compliant with the 3-bridge chassis load limit (26 tons). The pump is equipped with a 4-section steel boom and the boom is in Z-style and can be customized to meet the technical needs of the customer. The pumping unit is 1606H open, with a maximum delivery capacity of 160m3/hour and a maximum pressure of 60bar, equipped with an electronic management system. The CLASSIC series K40C concrete pump truck is equipped with a 40-meter boom, 5 arms, and the boom is in the RZ style. The upgraded open pumping unit has a maximum delivery capacity of 160m3/hour and a maximum pressure of 70bar. This model has all the advantages of the CLASSIC series and is safe and reliable. After the product is upgraded, it is a standardized product with the same technical parameters. It does not need to provide accessories with different parameters to match. It is very easy to repair, especially suitable for the market where the product parameter diversity is not much.

In recent years, Zoomlion and CIFA's technical team have been actively strengthening the technical integration of concrete machinery, and CIFA brand concrete equipment has also been well received by overseas markets. In the next stage, the Chinese and Western technical teams will continue to strengthen communication and interoperability on the basis of fully researching customer needs, fully embodying the technology research and development effect of one plus one and two.

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