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Which Is Better for Zoomlion Pump and SANY Pump? After Reading This, You Will Understand.

When it comes to concrete construction machinery, it has also developed in the past 20 years. In the past, we could only produce pumps or car pumps, and many of them were imported brands, such as Putzmeister, Schwein and other European and American brands. In the research and development of concrete machinery, foreign countries are indeed ahead, and the development of concrete machinery in China has to start from the 1960s and 1970s. At that time, the Changsha Construction Machinery Institute (also the predecessor of Zoomlion) developed the first concrete pump in China. Moreover, under the technical conditions at that time, the working efficiency of this concrete pump was also very low, and about 100 cubic meters of concrete was pumped in about one hour.

In 1992, Zoomlion developed the first S-tube concrete pump zoomlion with complete independent intellectual property rights in China, and SANY Heavy Industry developed its first concrete pump in 1994. In terms of the time of product launch, SANY Heavy Industry and Zoomlion are comparable. However, compared with the technical backing of Changsha Construction Machinery Institute, it is really not easy for SANY as a private enterprise to catch up in such a short period of time.

By the 1990s, the domestic economy began to develop rapidly, and the urban infrastructure and real estate industries began to flourish. The demand for concrete machinery is also increasing. At this time, in fact, there are still a lot of companies engaged in the research and development of concrete machinery in China. For example, Xugong, Shan Dongfang, and Liaoning Hainuo have all joined the concrete machinery industry.

In 1995, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the task of developing complete sets of commercial concrete equipment. At this time, Zoomlion began to jointly develop a concrete pump zoomlion truck with a group of concrete industry companies, and finally developed a concrete pump truck of 37 meters and 42 meters. However, at this time, Putzmeister also saw the prosperity of China's concrete machinery market, and also started construction in Shanghai in 1995. Therefore, this time is indeed a severe test for China's concrete machinery industry.

By the year 2000, Zoomlion had officially launched its first 36-meter pump truck, and officially began to compete with foreign brands for the domestic market. During this period, SANY Heavy Industry is also constantly developing and exploring. Therefore, from the development process, Zoomlion and SANY Heavy Industry are almost at the same time.

Then, in 2007, the concrete pump zoomlion of Zoomlion and SANY began to seize the market insanely. By 2008, China's concrete pump production capacity reached 6,500 units and pump trucks reached 4,000 units. Most of them are products of Zoomlion, SANY Heavy Industry and Xugong Group. And due to cost performance and other reasons, domestic pump trucks have quickly become the mainstream products in the market.

Later, including the world-class concrete machinery brands such as Putzmeister and Schwein, they were acquired by SANY Heavy Industry and Xugong. Zoomlion also acquired CIFA, an Italian concrete manufacturer. Combining the technical advantages of both parties, SANY launched its own C8 series concrete pump truck. Zoomlion also launched its own composite technology boom pump truck. And in the development of long-arm pump trucks, due to the patented technical support of CIFA's carbon fiber boom pump truck, Zoomlion also launched the world's longest 101-meter concrete boom pump truck in 2012. And SANY Heavy Industry has also built a 86-meter concrete pump truck. Therefore, at present, SANY and Zoomlion are all world-class in terms of technology.

So, for your question, who is better for Zoomlion and SANY's pump trucks? According to my understanding, the criticism and praise of the products of these two companies are almost half and half! Some said that the concrete pump zoomlion truck's dry boom is stable, and it is said that the SANY pump truck has high efficiency. Moreover, their two companies have long been in a competitive relationship. Plus their headquarters are in Changsha, and many times I feel that their technology is comparable. However, SANY as a private company may be more perfect in some aspects, and  Zoomlion provides a very good after-sales system.

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