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Where does the advantage of concrete pump truck reflect in?

First, the concrete floor pump body design is more compact and flexible, at the same time functional, automatic mechanical construction efficiency is higher, so whether the road is in the wide area or in the narrow rural area,it can be efficient for construction.Then, the concrete floor pump is automatic feeding and sets forced mixing, pumping, cloth and other functions in one, the use of double horizontal shaft forced mixer, which largely improves the performance of concrete, concrete floor pump construction efficiency is artificial 4-5 times, reduce labor and construction costs.

Improper operation will lead to the mechanical movement of the concrete pump truck and mechanical movement will be damaged, which will increase the maintenance costs of the concrete pump truck equipment cost.More importantly the impact of concrete pump truck production schedule output will be in a loss.Cutting ring and the glasses plate is a pair of close cooperation,having the relative motion of the parts.he contact surfaces of both are welded with a layer of wear-resistant material through the special-shaped nut at the end of the s-shaped pipe spline shaft, and the clearance between the two can be adjusted to be within (0.1~0.2) mm. The rubber spring is assembled between the s-shaped pipe and the cutting ring, so that the cutting ring and the eyeglasses plate can move relatively flexibly and freely.

Now there are many cilents in need of pump concrete for construction works,which largely proves the pump concrete’s strength.Mainly,the production of automatic chemical machinery construction of concrete pump will  help more client friends get more profits.At the same time it will be more cost-effective.Car outlet, conical pipe, distribution valve or these vulnerable parts of Concrete pump truck,if the wear layer of them is found to be worn off, be sure to use electrode surfacing welding so that can be used for a period of time.

Due to the different situations of engineering site forconcrete pump truck is different,such as the concrete level, pump transmission distance, height, etc,it makes the service life of wearing parts such as cutting ring and eyeglasses plate at different sites vary greatly.However, as long as use  it correctly and  hand vulnerable parts of the pump carefully,it can be used for a longer time, to bring better economic benefits to customers.

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