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What are the Main Components of Pumping Concrete?

Concrete pump is a kind of equipment to transport concrete along pipeline under pressure. It can continuously complete the horizontal and vertical transport of concrete in high-rise buildings, and can also be used for pouring concrete in lower positions with cloth rods. In recent years, the application of pumped concrete in the construction of high-rise buildings is increasingly extensive, mainly due to the high efficiency, good quality and low labor intensity of pumped concrete. So what are the main components of pumping concrete?

According to the driving mode, concrete pump is divided into piston pump and extrusion pump. And piston pump is more widely used at present.According to the used power of concrete pump,it can be divided into mechanical piston pump and hydraulic piston pump, hydraulic piston pump is used more widely at present.Pushing the piston medium of hydraulic piston pump is divided into two types,the oil hydraulic pressure type and water hydraulic pressure type and the oil hydraulic pressure type is more widely used. According to the mobility of the concrete pump is divided into fixed pump and mobile, the so-called mobile type refers to the concrete pump installed in tractable mobile car with walking tire.The latter refers to the concrete pump mounted in the truck chassis.

Working principle of piston type concrete pump: piston type concrete pump is mainly composed of hopper, hydraulic cylinder, piston, concrete cylinder, distribution valve, y-shaped pipe, washing equipment, hydraulic system and power system.
When the piston concrete pump is working , concrete enters the hopper. Under the action of the valve control system,the valve opens and closes.Under the action of liquid pressure, the hydraulic piston drives the piston to move backward through the piston rod. Under the action of dead weight and suction,the concrete in the hopper enters the concrete cylinder.Then the hydraulic system of pressure oil in and out of the reverse, so that the piston forward push pressure, at the same time the valve closes and opens,concrete in the concrete cylinder under the action of pressure through the y-shaped pipe into the pipeline, row to the concrete to be poured in the construction site.

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