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What are the characteristics of concrete pumping construction?

1.high degree of mechanization, less need for labor,simple construction organization

2.Concrete conveying and pouring are continuous, with high construction efficiency and fast construction progress.

3.the pumping process of concrete quality requirements are relatively strict, and can also be said to be a test of the quality of concrete pumping. And the pumping is continuous,so pumping concrete is not easy to be segregated, concrete slump loss is not large.So it is easy to ensure the quality of the project.

4.Safe operation.

5.Strong adaptability of the construction.Wide range of work, concrete conveying pipe can be laid to other difficult places, also make the concrete in a certain pressure filling and pouring in place, it can also be used in series pump, to increase the conveying distance and height, to meet the requirements of various construction.

6.Concrete pump and other construction machinery mutual interference is small. At the same time of pumping, other construction can be carried out near the pipe.

7. Under normal pumping conditions, concrete in the pipeline transport will not pollute the environment,which can achieve civilized construction

8. Under the condition of proper construction layout, the project cost can be reduced.

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