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Relevant Introduction of Concrete Pump Truck

Concrete pump truck is a kind of machine which can continuously convey concrete along pipeline by pressure. The utility model is composed of a pump body and a conveying pipe. According to the structure, it can be divided into piston type, extrusion type and hydraulic diaphragm type. The pump body is mounted on the chassis of an automobile and then equipped with a retractable or flexible cloth rod to form a pump truck.

The concrete pump truck is reformed on the chassis of the truck. It is equipped with motion and power transmission device, pumping and mixing device, material distribution device and other auxiliary devices on the chassis. The power of the concrete pump truck is transmitted to the hydraulic pump group or the rear axle through the power transfer box. The hydraulic pump drives the piston to drive the concrete pump. Then the concrete is transported to a certain height and distance by using the distributing rod and the conveying pipe on the pump truck.

There are five main control modes of electric control system of concrete pump truck: mechanical, hydraulic, electromechanical, programmable controller and logic circuit. In addition to installing electrical control system to complete the control task, the concrete pump truck is also equipped with manual control and control system, which is also a part of the control system. If mechanical manipulation is adopted, there are generally two modes: rod manipulation mechanism and flexible shaft manipulation mechanism. If the two are compared, it is not difficult to find that the flexible shaft control mechanism has more advantages, such as flexible layout, high transmission efficiency, fewer transition joints and less empty travel, easy adjustment of travel, etc. Therefore, the control system of concrete pump truck mainly chooses the flexible shaft control mechanism.

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