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Relevant Introduction of Cement Mixer Truck

Hunan Teila Heavy Industry Machinery Service Co., Ltd. has the most professional technical team and the best quality cement mixer truck. The following is the introduction of cement mixer truck.

Cement mixer truck (concrete mixer truck) is a kind of vehicle that mixes concrete quickly. The interior is also a cylinder with thin ends and thick middle. There are some clockwise fan blades in it. During the transportation time from the pump station to the construction site, because the tank rotates the fan blades continuously, the effect of preventing cement segregation is achieved.


It is an integral vehicle, divided into mixer, pressure, intelligent controller and motor body.

Specific performance

1.Use special wear-resistant steel plate produced by WISCO to manufacture mixing drum and blade.

2.The blade of mixing drum is stamped by special die.

3.The butt joint of tank body and blade welding adopt large rotary tooling with high precision.

4.Hydraulic system adopts imported components with compact structure and excellent performance.

5.The whole car has unique shape, beautiful appearance, compact and reasonable structure.

6. Operating system is flexible, convenient and fast, which integrates left and right operation with inlet and outlet operation.

7.The pre-treatment process of shot peening is adopted after welding to realize rust removal and anti-rust.

Working principle

Cement mixer truck, also known as concrete mixer truck, is mainly used for the transportation of cement in concrete mixing station. The main special fittings of cement mixer include power extractor, front and rear brackets of mixing drum, reducer, hydraulic system, mixing drum, control mechanism, cleaning system, etc. The working principle is that the power of the automobile chassis is taken out by the force taker, and the hydraulic pump of the hydraulic system is driven. The mechanical energy is transformed into hydraulic energy and transmitted to the hydraulic motor. The motor drives the reducer again, and the reducer drives the mixing system to mix the concrete.

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