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'Nip it in the Bud' the Method of Preventing the Concrete Pump from being Refurbished

Concrete pumps is the typical mechanical existence in the production of many enterprises,which is also the key existence deserving the trust of many clients.Over the years,our company has taken the command of the use and maintenance skills of concrete pumps. The following is how to prevent the concrete pump from being refurbished. Tilt device for detecting vehicle levelness and sensors for detecting the force on a leg. The tilt sensor can sense the levelness of the vehicle and send the information of the horizontal Angle in real time, which can effectively avoid the tilting of the vehicle caused by the slow subsidence of the ground. The function of the tilt sensor is to measure the tilt Angle of the vehicle in real time. The measurement accuracy of inclination sensor is higher than 0.05 degrees. It can filter out the tiny vibration caused by the vibration of engine and pump, and trigger the alarm when the left or right Angle is greater than 3 degrees or the front or rear Angle is greater than 5 degrees.

The force sensor of the supporting leg detects the force of each supporting leg in real time. When the force of both supporting legs on one side is less than a certain value, it will give a warning or terminate the current action. What needs adding is that artificial intelligence is never omnipotence. This kind of axial gravity sensor can only sense the force situation in a certain direction. Due to the difference between the whole shaking vehicle  and The perpendicularity of the supporting leg during pumping, the detected force situation is lack of authenticity where there is the possibility of false signal and leakage signal. Since the boom of concrete pump is mainly used for fabric, the boom posture needs to be constantly changed when normal fabric is being distributed. Different boom posture means different center of gravity of the vehicle. In addition, vibration of boom and land subsidence during construction may also change the center of gravity of the vehicle. Therefore, in the daily use process.It needs vigilance in the daily use of process. The above is the specific method of preventing the concrete pump from being refurbished. Hope it can help more clients have a deeper understand of concrete pump and provide more enterprises with support and help in production safety.

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