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Market Analysis and Development Trend of China Concrete Pumping Truck Industry

At present, advanced concrete pumping equipment has been widely used in various construction units. Many construction parties use advanced concrete pumping to improve concrete transportation efficiency. With the acceleration of urbanization, the use of advanced concrete pumping in construction is also growing. So what is the development prospect of small and medium-sized concrete pumping equipment for urban construction? This is a problem that many buyers are very concerned about.

Experts pointed out that as a big country with 800 million agricultural population, rural development has always been China's main event. The development of agriculture and the construction of the countryside are also the top priorities in China's economic development. Affected by the long-term urban-rural dual system, China’s urban-rural development is uneven and the rural areas are still relatively backward. In recent years, the central government has closely focused on the "three rural issues" and adopted various measures to launch "new urbanization construction" and "new rural construction."

At present, the government encourages the strengthening of agricultural infrastructure construction. Therefore, the enthusiasm of the masses in the construction of new rural areas is constantly rising, and local governments are also making every effort to promote them. The need for construction machinery in the process of “new urbanization construction” and “new rural construction” has also become a topic of concern in the industry.

However, due to economic constraints, rural areas are discouraged from high-performance, high-priced construction machinery. On the contrary, small construction machinery with small size and flexibility is in greater demand in the rural market.

With the acceleration of rural economic construction and the adjustment of rural industrial structure, the state has begun to invest more and more funds in “new urbanization construction” and “new rural construction”. This has stimulated the enthusiasm of the majority of farmers for rural basic construction such as leveling the land, building water conservancy, building construction and road construction, building materials mining, etc., and spurred the demand for small construction machinery suitable for rural purchases such as small advanced concrete pumping. At present, the domestic small-scale agricultural engineering machinery market is growing rapidly, and its development prospects are broad. Agricultural engineering machinery has already appeared hot.

With the acceleration of the pace of new rural construction, the rural market is increasingly favoring small construction machinery. What is the development prospect of small advanced concrete pumping equipment in urban construction? Through the above introduction, I believe that the majority of users have already understood this issue. If you want to continue to understand the common sense, you can visit the official website of Hunan Teila Heavy Industry Machinery to learn more.

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