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Maintenance Guide for Concrete Pump Truck

Maintenance manual of concrete Pump  truck: check the oil level of hydraulic fluid and keep it above 3/4 of the oil level, otherwise the same brand of clean hydraulic fluid should be added. It is suggested to use the filter precision of 20ude filter to clean the hydraulic fluid.

Check oil quality: stop the machine and connect 0.5l oil with a clean measuring cup after 30 minutes. If the oil is highly polluted or emulsified, or if there is precipitation at the bottom after several hours of standing, change the oil immediately.
Remove the cover plate of the water tank and check the concrete piston. It should be well sealed without any mortar infiltrating into the water tank.

Check the clearance between the cutting ring and the eyeglasses plate.

After each use, check the condition of worn parts after thorough cleaning. When the local clearance between the glasses plate and the cutting ring is greater than 1mm, it shall be adjusted. Gap adjustment should be carried out; When the clearance is greater than 2MM, it is recommended to replace the cutting ring.

Check the working condition of the lubrication system, the position of s-tube swing arm bearing, the position of the mixing shaft bearing and other lubrication points overflow. Manual lubrication points each shift should be injected with grease, see the product lubrication label.

Check distribution valve swing, agitator positive, reverse normal action.(Power-on check, and shut down after checking then carry out the maintenance work of other projects)Check the outside of the cooler, if there is any dirt, clean it immediately, otherwise it may cause the oil temperature to overheat.

Check the vacuum gauge of the hydraulic filter in the green area (the vacuum degree shall not exceed 0.04mpa). General oil suction vacuum should be less than 0.02Mpa. The indicated value of return oil pressure and vacuum should be less than 0.35mpa.

Check the wear degree of concrete pipe by knocking.Check whether the pipe joint is sealed well.

Check the hydraulic system for oil leakage, oil leakage and water leakage.

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