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Maintenance of Concrete Mixer Air Conditioning System is the Most Critical

1.Clean the concrete mixer tank and condenser
Water tank and condenser is an important component of the concrete mixer cooling system and air conditioning.With the long-term use of vehicles, dust, sand, catkins and so on will be mixed in the gap between the two, which will affect the water temperature and air conditioning cooling performance.

2.Check the air conditioning pressure replacement medium
Firstly, check (H) it is the high pressure testing tube and (L)  the low pressure testing tube respectively connected to the fluorine pressure testing meter. After the fluorine pressure gauge is connected, the concrete mixing truck starts to fire and run at idle. At the same time, switch the air conditioning and turn it on to the maximum to start operation test. The high pressure test in idle speed state shall not exceed 300, and the low pressure test in idle speed state shall not exceed 60. After idling for a few minutes, observe the pressure change of the pressure gauge by increasing the speed of oil feeding and check the concrete mixer air conditioning compressor operation is normal. Then take out the original refrigerating medium (134a), the weight is generally between 250g and 300g and be ready to add fluorine after receiving the pressure gauge.It is recommended to generally use one bottle for two or three years, and some models of concrete mixer can add two bottles.

3. Choose the right oil viscosity in summer
In summer, many drivers complain about fuel consumption. In fact,in summer,they can choose low viscosity lubricating oil. Of course,it is under the premise of good condition, less wear and tear.The old concrete mixer with more mileage and long age should use a slightly higher viscosity lubricant.
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