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Is Buying A Old Cement Mixer Really Saving Money?

Take the market mainstream hot-selling model 12-party mixer truck as an example. A used mixer truck with a 13-year 12-square mixer truck needs about 180,000 to 23,000 depending on the condition of the car. With a two-year depreciation of about 150,000, that is, the depreciation of the car itself is 50,000.

Due to the long service life of used cars, there are some problems from time to time. The monthly maintenance cost is conservatively estimated at 1,000 yuan, and the two-year maintenance cost is 48,000 yuan.

The maintenance and repair of used cars is delayed and the work time is conservative. It is estimated that the work will be delayed for 3 days each month. The profit lost every day is 700 yuan. The profit lost in one month is 2,000 yuan. The profit lost in one year is 24,000 yuan. The profit lost for two years is 48,000 yuan.

Second-hand car fuel consumption, conservatively estimated that the daily use of 40 yuan more fuel than the new car, remove the repair time and delay the dry goods for 3 days. Used cars use more than 1,000 yuan per month, and consume more than 48,000 yuan in two years.

Based on the above, the estimated cost of second-hand vehicles is 48,000. The loss of dry goods was 48,000. The fuel consumption is 48,000. The vehicle depreciated 100,000. In addition, the used car lost 250,000 after two years. How much money can you earn in two years? This will cost 250,000.

Then the new car will depreciate, but combined with the current market price of used cars, it will cost 200,000 new cars in four years without any maintenance cost and no extra fuel consumption. Now the new car is not expensive. For the users with pressure on the funds, the manufacturers also have perfect financial support. I think the savvy users have the choice between the second-hand and the new car.

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