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Introduction to Operation of Cement Mixing Truck

Cement mixer truck (concrete mixer truck) is a kind of vehicle that mixes concrete quickly. The interior is also a cylinder with thin ends and a thick middle. There are some clockwise fan blades in it. During the transportation time from the pump station to the construction site, because the tank rotates the fan blades continuously, the effect of preventing cement segregation is achieved.

Operational instructions
1. Before the cement mixer truck works, it must be checked to make sure that the steering, braking, lighting and signal systems are sensitive and effective. There are no cracks and serious damages in the drum and chute of the mixer. The wear of the mixer blades is within the normal range. The U-shaped bolts between the chassis and the sub-frame are well connected.

2. Know the construction requirements and site conditions well to choose the route and parking place.

3. Traffic rules must be observed when you are driving on social roads. The turning radius should meet the requirements of the operation instructions, and the speed should not exceed 15 km per hour. The arrival speed is not more than 5 km per hour.

4. It is strictly forbidden to touch rotating drums and rollers with hands when it is working.

5. When the cement mixer truck is backing up and unloading the driver must obey the command, pay attention to the people around it, and stop immediately when abnormal conditions are found.

6. Cleaning of cement mixer truck under high-pressure line is strictly prohibited.

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