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Hunan Teila Heavy Industry Machinery's 36M Concrete Pump Has High Adaptability and High Reliability

A concrete pump is a machine that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along a pipe. It consists of a pump body and a delivery tube. According to the structure, it is divided into piston type, extrusion type and water pressure diaphragm type. Different concrete pumps play different roles in construction. Here is a high-adaptive concrete pump - Hunan Teila Heavy Industry Machinery 36m concrete pump.

Hunan Teila Heavy Industry Machinery's 36m concrete pump long arm frame pump truck is equipped with X legs, and the site adaptability is wide. It has a separate cylinder drive. The reliability of the organization is high. The 36m concrete pump adopts the rigid arm end technology of the composite boom external connecting rod, which greatly improves the fatigue strength and rigidity of the arm end. Through-shaft connection, lateral sway and lateral deformation is greatly reduced. Life and reliability are greatly improved. The adaptive variable power technology of the 36m concrete pump dynamically improves the pumping capacity. The engine always works at the optimum load rate, ensuring that its work is intelligently switched in the economic fuel consumption zone. It can automatically match the pumping conditions of the equipment to ensure smooth pumping. The high and low pressure valve blocks are designed separately to reduce the pipeline pressure loss and make maintenance easier. Strive for perfection, strive for perfect humanized design, achieve comprehensive improvement of details, and enhance the humanized design of concrete pumps.

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