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How Many Types of Concrete Pump Trucks Are There?

Pump trucks are a common construction tool. Classification of the concrete pump truck dimensions:

1. According to the theoretical transmission volume:

It can be divided into small (44~87 cubic meters / hour); medium (90 ~ 130 cubic meters / hour); large (150 ~ 204 cubic meters / hour).

2. According to the number of pump booms:

More commonly seen on the market are 2-section arms, 3-section arms, 4-section arms, and 5-section arms.

3. According to the folding method of the pump arm frame, it is divided into:
Pump trucks can be divided into Z-fold and roll-fold.

4. According to the pumping pressure size, it is divided into:
According to this classification method, it can be divided into four types: low pressure (2.5 - 5.0 MPa), medium pressure (6.1 - 8.5 MPa), high pressure (10.0 - 18.0 MPa) and ultra high pressure (22.0 MPa).

5. According to the height of the boom:
According to the height of the pump boom, concrete pump trucks can be divided into: short boom, long boom, and super long boom.

6. According to the driving mode of the pump truck, it can be divided into:
Automotive engine drives, trailer engine drives and individual engine drives.

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