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Encyclopedia Knowledge of Concrete Pump Truck

1.Scope of application
According to the scope of application,Pump Truck can be divided into:economic,dedicated,general,intelligent,and multifunctional  types.

2.Driving mode
The driving mode is the arrangement mode of the engine and the number and position of the driving wheels. According to the different driving mode, pump truck can be divided into the following three categories: car engine drive, trailer engine drive and separate engine drive.

3. Theoretical throughput
According to the size of the conveyor,pump truck can be divided into: small, medium, large.

4. Boom folding mode
There are many ways of folding the boom, there are many folding ways of jib. According to different folding mode, pump truck can be divided into Z-fold and roll-up.

5.the number of boom segments
According to the number of boom segments, the most common are 2, 3, 4, and 5 arms.

6.Boom height
According to the height of boom,Concrete pump trucks can be divided into short boom, long boom and ultra-long boom.Generally, the length of short boom is 13-28 meters, the length of long boom is 31-47, and the length of ultra-long boom is 51-62 meters. Short boom and long boom are common.

7. Pumping pressure
When working, the concrete pump outlet of the pump truck to sends concrete pressure,which can be divided into: low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure and ultra-high pressure.
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