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Concrete Pump Truck is one of the Main Equipment for Transporting and Pouring Concrete

With the continuous development of engineering construction, the demand for construction machinery is also increasing, at the same time, with the continuous improvement of concrete technology, concrete pump truck in engineering construction is also playing an increasingly important role. Due to the advanced technology of this kind of equipment, the repair and maintenance of the pump without common quality problems are very complex,so management personnel put forward higher requirements to its use and maintenance.In order to ensure that the concrete pump truck can reach the specified technical state, reduce the maintenance cost, improve the reliability and service life of use when it is working,procedures for use and maintenance must be carried out strictly.

The selection of concrete pump truck should be based on the concrete project object, characteristics, required large throughput, large distance, concrete building plan, concrete pump form and specific conditions.The performance of the concrete pump truck varies with the type.When selecting the type, the construction technical requirements, site conditions and surrounding environment should be taken into account in addition to the amount of concrete pouring. Usually choose concrete pump truck whose main performance parameters of the should be consistent or slightly larger.If the capacity is too large, the utilization rate is low; Too small, not only can not meet the construction requirements but it will accelerate the loss of concrete pump. Concrete pump truck avoid because the concrete pump car has flexibility, and the higher the boom height, pouring height and the larger the radius of the cloth, the construction adaptability is higher.The concrete pump truck is flexible, and the higher the boom height, the higher the casting height and the radius of the cloth, the higher the construction adaptability.

With the wide use of concrete pump vehicles, major manufacturers have developed intelligent anti-tipping technology.The force sensor located in the leg is conducive to real-time detection of the force of each leg of the pump vehicle. When the force on both legs on the same side is lower than a certain value, a warning can be issued in time or even the pump action can be directly terminated. One point needs to be added is that some industries rely on artificial intelligence is not universal, such force sensor can only sense the force from a certain direction.Because the pump truck in the pumping operation of the whole car has sloshing and the vertical degree of each leg is also different, there is an error in the force condition detected by the sensor. There are many reasons for the tipping of pump truck caused by the knowledge of vehicle rollover. Human judgment and experience in preventing pump operator operation are crucial. In short, the judgment of a good operator is more accurate than that of any intelligent device. The tilt device can detect the flatness of the pump vehicle in real time, and transmit the horizontal Angle information to the outside in real time, so as to avoid the rollover of the pump vehicle caused by the slow subsidence of the ground. Angle sensor can accurately measure horizontal difference above 0.05 °and  automatically filters out small tremors caused by engine and normal pumping.When left and right horizontal angle is more than 3° or front and rear horizontal angle is more than 5°,it will automatically trigger the alarm device.

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