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Concrete Mixer Lorry Operating Procedures

1. Before exiting the vehicle, the operator should carefully and carefully inspect the vehicle in accordance with the company's equipment operating specifications and equipment management standards.

2. The hydraulic oil number and set pressure value of each part cannot be changed arbitrarily.

3. Pay attention to safety when working in the discharge chute and the discharge port and the drive section.

4. When getting out of the car, follow the prescribed route and pay attention to traffic safety.

5. When concrete mixer lorry passes through bridges, holes, doors, overhead lines and other facilities, they must pay attention to the indications of height limit and width limit to avoid collision accidents. The width and height of the mixer are only 3 meters and 4 meters.

6. When the mixing drum changes from positive to reverse, it should be changed after the mixing drum stops, and it will rotate 16 times per minute when loading, and 3-5 turns per minute when driving. When cleaning the mixer drum, try not to run at high speed for a long time.

7. When using a long discharge hopper, never reach into the main discharge hopper and the extension hopper connection.

8. It is forbidden to operate by non-vehicle operators. The operator must operate the driver when the site is unloaded.

9. When driving on the road of uneven construction site, the inclination of the car should not exceed 15 degrees. When the mixer is more than 15 degrees, the mixer can be stopped before it can pass.

10. When arriving at the construction site, pay attention to whether the foundation is soft. When reversing the vehicle, prevent the temporary cable from being scraped on the construction site. When loading and unloading concrete, pull the hand brake to prevent the vehicle from slipping. Allow the tank to run for one minute while unloading. The speed of unloading is matched with the speed of pumping, and the material level is about 10 cm above the hopper agitator shaft.

11. When cleaning or eradicating the concrete on the feed hopper, the roller mouth, and the roller carrier, the engine must be turned off, and the door must be locked for safety.

12. When checking the machine and changing the oil, stop the engine and stop it.

13. Before leaving work, flush the inside of the cylinder and the body surface with clean water as required to prevent concrete from condensing on the walls, blades and body.

14. When the concrete mixer lorry is stored in the open air, the mixing drum should be reversed before charging to remove the water and debris in the mixing drum to ensure the quality of the concrete.

15. During the driving of the concrete mixer lorry, the discharge hopper must be locked and set to the speed within the specified range.

16. The engine must be turned off when working in the mixer drum. When the door is locked, the low-voltage electric lighting must be used for the operation inside the cylinder, and the outside is protected by a special person.

17. After the car is closed, the car should be parked at the designated location, the door should be locked, the brakes will be cut off, and the car keys will be handed over to the dispatching room and then off work.

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