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Concrete Mixer Lorry Must Do Four Defenses in Summer

Summer is hot, how can concrete mixer lorry survive the summer? The following four defenses should be done:
1. Anti-small concrete mixer lorry "brake failure"
The brake fluid is easily evaporated and vaporized in a high temperature environment, forming a gas resistance in the brake pipe, and the brake shoe is also easily ablated, resulting in a brake failure. Therefore, in the summer, the brake system should be checked in time. During the long slope, the parking brake should be paid attention to ensure the braking performance is good. If the brake hub is found to be hot, stop the cooling, but do not pour cold water to prevent the brake hub from breaking.

2. Anti-mixing car "car tire burst"
Summer is a time when it is easier to puncture. It is easy to deform the tire and reduce the tensile force. As the tire itself, the air pressure is not standardized, the tire is aging, the performance is weakened, or the tire is rolled to a hard metal or other hard objects during driving, which will cause the car to suddenly burst tires. Therefore, the tire pressure should be properly reduced before exiting the car, and the temperature and pressure of the tire should be checked in time while resting on the road. If the tire temperature and tire pressure are too high, do not take the method of deflation and splashing cold water. You should choose to park in a cool place. If you are wading, you should wait until the tire temperature is properly lowered before wading to prevent early damage of the tire.

3. Anti-smooth
When the temperature is high, the viscosity of the oil drops, the oxidation resistance deteriorates, and the smoothness is formed. Therefore, in the summer, the oil quantity should be checked frequently and added or changed in time; the oil filter and radiator should be cleaned in time to ensure smooth oil flow and good heat dissipation, and try to prevent the starter from overloading.

4. Anti-concrete mixer lorry "car paint damage"
Although it does not seem to have life, it is indeed afraid of the sun. Anti-concrete mixer lorry will be old and wrinkled during long-term exposure. Ordinary beauty waxing, of course, has some effect, but since any car wax contains bismuth ingredients, it will rust paint paint after UV rays, leaving a little black spot. Moreover, the car wax itself does not function to strengthen the hardness and resist ultraviolet rays, and will quickly lose due to the excessive temperature. Therefore, park your car in a cool place when parking.

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