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Classification of Concrete Pumps

Hunan Teila Heavy Industry Machinery Service Co., Ltd. has the most professional technicians and the best quality concrete pumps. Next we will introduce various types of concrete pumps for you:

Concrete pump is a kind of equipment used to transport concrete.

Classified by displacement:

When choosing the displacement, the first thing to consider is whether commercial concrete or site mixing. If it is site mixing, we must consider the feed volume per unit time and the distance between pumping and so on. According to the volume of pumping per hour, it is divided into:
15 cubes, 20 cubes, 60 cubes, 80 cubes, 85 cubes, 95 cubes, 105 cubes....

Classified by power:

According to the power, it can be divided into: 37 kilowatts (the smallest standard concrete pump in China at present, it is the fine stone mortar pump below 37 kilowatts), 45 kilowatts, 55 kilowatts, 75 kilowatts, 90 kilowatts, 110 kilowatts, 130 kilowatts (diesel), 132 kilowatts, 162 kilowatts (diesel), 174 kilowatts (diesel).

The capacity of transformer should be considered first when you are selecting concrete pumps for motors. Secondly, consider the distance from the concrete pump and the size of the line diameter, so as to avoid excessive pressure drop caused by current increase or tripping shutdown. Excessive power results in increased cost and inconvenience in use. If the motor is too small, it can not meet the needs of the project.

Classified by power:

Concrete pump can be divided into motor power and diesel engine power according to power. In the normal power supply area and construction site, the motor power is better when it is fixed for a long time. The reason is that the use cost is low, the power of diesel engine is highly maneuverable and not affected by the power supply, but the use cost is slightly higher than that of motor pump.

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