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Basic Structure of Concrete Pumping Truck

The advanced concrete pumping truck is a device that integrates a pumping system for pumping concrete and a boom system for fabrics on a chassis of a vehicle. The pumping system uses the power of the chassis engine to pressurize the concrete in the hopper into the pipeline. The pipe is attached to the boom, and the operator controls the boom to move the concrete pumped out of the pumping system directly to the pouring point.

There are many types of advanced concrete pumping trucks, but the basic components are the same. Concrete pump trucks are mainly composed of six parts: chassis, boom system, turret, pumping system, hydraulic system and electrical system.

Among them:
(1) The chassis consists of a car chassis, a PTO (transfer box) and a sub beam.

(2) The boom system consists of a multi-section boom, connecting rod, cylinder and connecting parts.

(3) The turret consists of a turntable, a slewing mechanism, a fixed turret (connecting frame) and a supporting structure.

(4) The pumping system consists of six parts: pumping mechanism, hopper, S valve assembly, swinging mechanism, stirring mechanism, piping assembly and boom piping.

(5) The hydraulic system is mainly divided into two parts: the pumping hydraulic system and the boom hydraulic system: the pumping hydraulic system includes the main pumping oil circuit system, the distribution valve oil circuit system, the agitating oil circuit system and the pump oil circuit system. The boom hydraulic system includes a boom oil system, a leg oil system and a rotary oil system. The hydraulic system is mainly composed of a hydraulic pump, a valve block, an accumulator, a hydraulic motor and other hydraulic components.

(6) The electrical system is mainly composed of control cabinets, controllers and other electrical components.

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