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52m concrete pump features

Main features of 52m concrete pump transfer pump truck:

Isuzu chassis:
1.Five section RZ type arm frame, flexible cloth ,wide range
2.“X” supporting leg,single side support and suitable for narrow site construction
3.Sany homemade chassis, high price ratio, low maintenance cost
4.Pump displacement up to 170m3/h, stepless adjustment , meet the needs of various working conditions
5.Computer energy saving control, automatic power matching, saving 20% on average
6. Flexible installation of pumping system, reduce the impact on the bottom frame and concrete piston wear
7.New control system,without going out of the house,program auto-upgrade free of charge from remote
8. Fault self-diagnosis system, can automatically diagnose 150 faults, with efficient trouble-shooting
9. Intelligent boom system, easy one-key control,achieve the boom vertical or horizontal automatic pouring
10. Boom damping control system, the terminal amplitude control in 0.3 meters, improve the end hose operating performance

The six-arm technology greatly improves the utilization rate and flexibility of the boom. Compared with the five-arm technology, the effective height of cloth  is increases by 15%  and the effective range of cloth is increased by 20% when the length of arm is the same.At the same time, the initial arm is long, the end arm is short, the open space is smaller, and the boom is more flexible based on the bionic design.

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