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Introduction to the Notices for Use of Concrete Pump Truck

Hunan Teila Heavy Industry Machinery Service Co., Ltd. has the most professional team and the highest quality concrete pump truck. Next, we will introduce the points for attention in the use of concrete pump trucks for you:

Safety precautions in use

1.Concrete pump truck can only be used for concrete transportation, and any other use (such as lifting heavy objects) is dangerous.

2.The height and distance of pumping concrete truck for delivering pump truck are strictly calculated and verified by experiments. It is not allowed to connect the end hose to the pipeline or lengthen the end hose to more than 3m. The risk is borne by the operator himself.

3. No unauthorized modification of pump trucks that may affect safety, including changing safety pressure and operating speed settings, changing large diameter conveyor pipes or increasing wall thickness of conveyor pipes, changing control procedures or lines, changing booms and legs, etc.

4. Pump truck operators must wear safety hats and observe safety regulations on construction site.

Matters needing attention in support safety

1. The supporting ground must be horizontal. Otherwise, it is necessary to make a horizontal supporting surface. It cannot be supported on a hole.

2. Pump truck must be supported on a solid ground. If the maximum pressure of the leg is greater than the allowable pressure of the ground, the supporting plate or auxiliary square wood must be used to increase the supporting surface area.

3. When the pump truck is supported near pits and slopes, sufficient safety spacing should be maintained.

4. When supporting, it is necessary to ensure that the whole machine is in a horizontal state, and the maximum horizontal deviation angle of the whole machine on all sides is not more than 3 degrees.

5. When expanding or closing the leg, the rotating range of the leg is dangerous, and the personnel may be pinched in the range.

6. When supporting, all outriggers must be stretched and extended to the specified position (the outriggers should be aligned with the arrows on the outriggers, and the forelegs should be aligned with the arrows on the outriggers) otherwise there is a risk of overturning.

7.The legs must be supported properly to operate the boom. The boom must be folded and placed on the main support of the boom before the legs can be collected and collected.

8.The factors causing the stability reduction must be immediately closed to the boom and supported again according to the requirements after removal. The factors reducing the stability include changes in ground conditions caused by rain, snow or other water sources.

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