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Zoomlion Concrete Trailer Pump-S.N.H171208

Product Description of cement pump trailer-S.N.H171208:

  • New Zoomlion motor trailer pump, the machine has not worked.
  • Model: HBT80.18.132
  • Manufacture Date is March of the year 2017.
  • High configuration with the double main pump.
  • High-rise holder.

Technical Parameter of cement pump trailer-S.N.H171208:

Product Model HBT80.18.132
Max.Theor.output(m3/h) 82/47
Theor.concrete output Pressure  (MPa) 10/18
Concrete cylinder specification x  route(mm) φ200×1800
Hopper capacity x Filling height (L×mm) 600×1450
Engine Model (mm) YE2-315M-4
Rated power 132
Rated rotor speed (KW) 1458
Concrete conveying pipe inner diameter (r/min) φ125/φ150
Chassis and the whole machine (mm)
Dimensions(L×W×H) mm 7000×2200×2300
Total Weight(kg) 7730

When choosing the size of the motor concrete trailer pump, the transformer capacity should be taken into consideration first, and the distance from the concrete trailer pump and the size of line diameter should be taken into consideration next, so as to avoid the increase of current or trip shutdown caused by excessive pressure drop. Overpower causes cost increase and inconvenience. Too little power also can not meet the engineering needs.

The relationship between the power of cement pump trailer, the outlet pressure of the concrete trailer pump and the amount of concrete transfer pump

The motor power of a concrete trailer pump is the precondition for the output pressure and conveying volume. When the motor power is constant, the increase of pressure will reduce the throughput. Conversely, lowering the outlet pressure will increase the throughput.

In order to ensure that the concrete pump not only has a large amount of conveyance but also has a certain amount of outlet pressure and corresponding economic power, the constant power plunger pump is mostly used in the design of the concrete pump. After the constant power value is selected, when the outlet pressure increases, the output capacity of the oil pump will automatically decrease, reaching the value corresponding to the power design. If you want to achieve both high export pressure and large volumes. The only way is to increase the motor power.

Therefore, in the national new standard, the concept of the capacity index of the concrete trailer pump (measured in MPa·m3/h) is cited. That is the product of the actual outlet pressure of the concrete trailer pump with the actual throughput per hour. The larger the value is, the larger the capacity index is. In the design of Konile company, it adopts the design of high and low voltage switching to meet different construction requirements. High outlet pressure is generated with the same motor power

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