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Zoomlion Concrete Line Pump-S.N.171119

Product Description of Concrete Line Pump-S.N.171119:

1. Zoomlion Concrete Line Pump, 90-14-174; Dongfeng Tianjin 180 chassis, Manufacture date 2011, working volume is 82000 cbm,
2. The original, complete systematic debugging test and each of everything is in good condition. Whole line arrangement. Engine, gearbox, axle finished maintenance with the first class of machine. The machine is exempted from inspection. It can be used directly on the construction site.
3. Import quality, trustworthy. No formalities and higher cost performance.

Technical Parameter of Concrete Line Pump-S.N.171119:

Zoomlion Dongfeng chassis Concrete Line Pump
Factory Code: 0702010107 Rated Power:174kw
Pressure: 14MPa Equipment volume(cbm): 90
Emission Standards: Euro III Axle Number: 2 axles
Equipment Name: Concrete Line Pump Manufacture Date: the Year 2011
Brand: Zoomlion Equipment location: Xiangtan
Chassis Name: Dongfeng Working Volume(cbm): 82000
Working Time:2178H

Concrete Line Pump is a very common concrete conveying equipment, which can greatly improve the concrete conveying efficiency. As an efficient concrete construction equipment, the concrete pump needs to be inspected before it can be pumped. So how do we operate before pumping? Now let's talk about it.

The concrete pump needs to be carefully checked to ensure the relevant facilities are in place before pumping, so as to ensure the success of the entire pumping process. So how should the concrete pump be operated before pumping? In simple terms, it can be checked from the following aspects.

1. Inspection of each operation part
Before the concrete pump is used, we should check the bolts of each part of the pump are tight, the protective device is complete and reliable, the control switch, adjusting handle, handwheel, lever, cock, etc. are in the correct position, and the hydraulic system is normal without Leakage, the hydraulic oil meets the requirements, there is no debris in the mixing bucket, and the upper protection grid is intact and tight.

2. Facilities used in different situations
Under normal circumstances, the thickness of the pipe wall of the conveying pipe should be matched with the pumping pressure, and the high-quality pipe should be used near the pump. Pipe joints, seals and elbows should be intact. In addition, under the hot circumstances, wet piping or wet grass bags should be used to cover the pipeline, and watering should be timely to cool down the pipe. At the same time, insulation measures should be taken during the cold season.

3. safety cleaning inspection
It is recommended to have a cleaning tube, cleaning supplies, ball catcher and other related equipment before pumping. In addition, before opening the pump, unrelated personnel should leave the pipeline to ensure safety.

4. Idling check
It is very important that the concrete pump is operated without load after starting. At this time, the indication value of each meter should be observed, and the operation of the pump and the stirring device should be checked to confirm that everything is normal before the operation. It is also critical to add 10 liters of clean water and 0.3 cubic meters of cement mortar to the hopper to lubricate the pump and piping.

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