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Zoomlion 52 Meters Concrete Boom Pump

Zoomlion 52 meters concrete pump, Isuzu chassis, 4 axle x-leg, classical 6 booms, high working stability.
The original used zoomlion concrete pump, the condition is very good and normal working. Equipment evaluation and Restorative maintenance. Maintenance completed oil and filter change, systematic debugging.

Technical Parameter
Whole machine profile Condition Used
Brand Zoomlion
Manufacture Year and Month April of 2014
Boom Length (M) 52
Chassis ISUZU
Pumping Volume(cbm) 89000
Mileage(km) 18500
Pumping system Max.Theor.output    (m3/h) 200/140
Max.Theor.concrete output Pressure   (MPa) 8.3/12
Pumping frequency    (min-1) 27
Hopper capacity  (L) 600
Filling height  (mm) 1540
Hydraulic system type Close
Valve S Valve
Oil cylinder dia.x stroke   (mm) φ130×2100
Concrete cylinder dia.x stroke   (mm) φ260×2100
Hydraulic oil cooling Air cooling
Max.aggregate dimension   (mm) 40
Placing boom Structure type 52-6RZ
Placing depth  (m) 52
vertical height 52
Slewing angle ±270°
Boom section 6
Pipe diameter  (mm) 125
End hose length   (mm) 3000
Chassis and the whole machine Chassis model CYH 51Y
Engine type 6WF1D
Drive mode 8X4
Maximum engine power 287KW
Total weight    (kg) 40940
Overall dimensions  (mm) 13790×2500×4000
Other Lubrication mode Energy-saving automatic lubrication
Control mode Manual+ Remote control
Water tank volume   (L) 800
Pipe cleaning mode Washing and dry cleaning

Safety issues should be paid attention to in the construction of commercial concrete pump

  • Prepare purge pipes, purge supplies, ball catcher and related devices. Before operation of second hand pump truck, the cement mortar prepared according to regulations must be used first to lubricate the pipe. Irrelevant personnel must leave the pipeline.
  • All the supporting legs should be extended and supported. The placing boom can be rotated after it is lifted from the bracket. The placing boom should be extended in sequence. It is strictly prohibited to lift or drag objects with a placing boom.
  • When the cloth bar is fully extended and supported, it is strictly forbidden to move the truck. Do not start the placing boom before fixation. When moving in the work, the upper part of the placing boom should be folded and fixed, and the moving speed should not exceed 10km/h. The pipe should not be longer than the specified diameter, and the hose should be fastened with safety rope.
  • All kinds of instruments and indicators should be monitored at any time, and any abnormality should be adjusted or handled in time. In case of pipe blockage, the anti-plump shall be adopted to return the 52m concrete pump to the hopper. If necessary, the pipe shall be dismantled to remove blockage.
  • Pumping work shall be continuous. If you stop pumping for a long time, you should reverse pump once or two times, and then pump the material. A certain amount of concrete shall be kept in the hopper during pumping.
  • Control switch, regulating handle, hand wheel, control lever and cock shall be reset at all positions. Hydraulic system should unload.
  • Send the pistons on both sides to the cleaning room and apply grease to them.

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