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Zoomlion 38 Meters Concrete Boom Pump

  • Zoomlion 38 meters concrete pump, Isuzu chassis.
  • Manufacture Date is November of the year 2010.
  • Used condition and normal working. Equipment evaluation and Restorative maintenance.
  • Economic and durable, the world's shortest innovative 5RZ boom pump. The key parts are the original components of international first-class brands, and the most rigorous and rigorous production process and testing process are adopted to ensure the high quality of each concrete pump.

Technical Parameter
Whole machine profile Condition Used
Model ZLJ5297THB
Brand Zoomlion
Manufacture Year and Month November of 2010
Boom Length (M) 38
Chassis ISUZU
Pumping system Max.Theor.output    (m3/h) 120/70
Max.Theor.concrete output Pressure   (MPa) 7/11
Pumping frequency    (min-1) 27/17
Hopper capacity  (L) 550
Filling height  (mm) 1540
Hydraulic system type Open
Max Hydraulic Pressure (bar) 360
Valve S Valve
Oil cylinder dia.x stroke   (mm) φ130×2100
Concrete cylinder dia.x stroke   (mm) φ230×2100
Hydraulic oil cooling Air cooling
Max.aggregate dimension   (mm) 40
Placing boom Structure type 38X-5RZ
Placing depth  (m) 38
horizontal length 34
vertical height 38
Slewing angle ±270°
Boom section 5
Pipe diameter  (mm) 125
End hose length   (mm) 3000
Chassis and the whole machine Chassis model CYZ51Q
Engine type 6WF1A
Drive mode 6X4
VIN NO. JALY9F54Y587009279
Maximum engine power 265KW
Maximum speed 80 km/h
Overall dimensions  (mm) 11980×2500×3910
No. of Seats 3
Other Lubrication mode Energy-saving automatic lubrication
Control mode Manual+ Remote control
Water tank volume   (L) 400
Pipe cleaning mode Washing and dry cleaning

Matters needing attention in the selection of concrete pump zoomlion

  • Commodity concrete pouring requirements
    The type selection of commodity concrete gantry pump truck should be taken into comprehensive consideration according to the object, characteristic and requirement of commodity concrete project, maximum throughput, maximum delivery distance, construction plan of commodity concrete, the form of commodity concrete pump and specific conditions.

  • The type and structure of the building
    The performance of commercial concrete gantry pump truck varies with the type of the truck. In addition to the amount of concrete pouring, the type and structure of the building, construction technical requirements, site conditions, and the surrounding environment should also be considered. The main performance parameters of commercial concrete gantry pump truck should be consistent with or slightly larger than the construction requirements. If the capacity is too large, the utilization rate is low. If it is too small, it will not only fail to meet the construction requirements but also accelerate the loss of commercial concrete gantry pump truck.

  • Adaptability to construction
    The high arm frame commodity concrete arm frame pump truck should be selected as far as possible in the construction because commodity concrete arm frame pump truck has flexibility, and the higher the arm frame height, the larger the casting height and placing radius, and the stronger the construction adaptability. Commodity concrete gantry pump truck with the length of 28~36m is a mass product on the market, accounting for about 75%. The long arm frame commodity concrete arm frame pump truck will become the main type in the construction. In addition, due to the limitations of the load bearing capacity of automobile chassis on commercial concrete gantry pump vehicles, the cost increases greatly when the boom height exceeds 42m. Limited by the construction site space, it is rarely used.
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