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Zoomlion 37M Concrete Boom Pump

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1. Re-manufactured Zoomlion 37 meters concrete pump, Benz chassis, 4RZ boom form with x-leg. Second-level standard maintenance. High working stability.
2. All wearing parts changed, such as the Delivery cylinder, Glasses plates. New hydraulic oil, complete hydraulic pipe replacement. Overall maintenance of the engine and other important elements. The main valve block is returned to the test table, debugging and rectification to good condition.

Whole machine profile Condition Remanufactured
Model Zoomlion 37M
Brand Zoomlion
Manufacture Year and Month
Boom Length (M)
Chassis Benz
Pumping Volume(cbm)
Pumping system Max. Theorem. output   (High pressure/low pressure)(m3/h) 110/70
Max. Theorem. concrete output Pressure  (High pressure/low pressure)(MPa) 11./6.5
Rated working pressure     (MPa) 35
Pumping frequency (High pressure/low pressure)(min-1) 13/22
Hopper capacity   (L) 550
Filling height   (mm) 1540
Hydraulic system type Open
Distribution valve S tube
Oil cylinder diameter.×stroke       (mm) φ130×2100
Concrete cylinder diameter.×stroke  (mm) φ230×2100
Hydraulic oil cooling Wind cooling
Recommended concrete slump (cm) 12~23
Max. aggregate dimension  (mm) 40
Boom section Structure type 37-4RZ
Placing depth (m) 37
Max. horizontal distance(m) 32.5
Max. placing depth(m) 24.7
Slewing angle ±270°
Pipe diameter(mm) 125
End hose length(mm) 3000
Min. height of oping placing boom(mm) 8300
outriggers span(front×rear×side)(mm) 6200×7235×6980
Chasiss $ Pump unit Chassis No. Actros3340
Wheelbase(mm) 4500
Engine No. DM501LA
Engine power rating(KW) 290
Emission standard EuroⅢ
Dimension(Length×width×height)(mm) 11690×2500×3800
Others lubricating system Energy saving type automatic lubrication
Hydraulic fuel tank capacity(L) 780
Control system Manual+remote control
Max. the pressure of Pressure water tank (MPa) 7
Water tank capacity(L) 600
Concrete pipe cleaning mode Water cleaning

Features of concrete pump undercarriage structure

The bottom frame structure of used concrete line pumps is mainly composed of the rotary base and supporting leg. The rotary base bears the working weight and vibration of the arm frame. The supporting leg ensures the safety and stability of the Zoomlion pump truck at work. Because concrete braided pump truck is not installed with balance weight like the crane, when the horizontal extension of the braided pump truck is large, it will produce great overturning torque, which is mainly balanced by the counterforce of the supporting leg. Therefore, it is required that the supporting leg should have sufficient structure size and supporting area. At the same time, the base and supporting legs should have sufficient strength and fatigue resistance.

The base frame structure is mainly divided according to the extension support mode of the supporting leg: swing back and forth supporting leg, front and back extension legs and swing back supporting leg and front stretching back swinging leg.

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