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Used Zoomlion 38m Concrete Boom Pump

Product Description of Used Zoomlion 38m Concrete Pump

  • Compact in design, the 38m pump mounted on a 3-axle truck.
  • Efficient pump unit, ideal for long time use.
  • Agile placing boom with 5 arms with unfolding height 9.61m only, which gives a wide work range.
  • One side lateral support enables to work in narrow sites.
  • The controller is designed for heavy-duty use, with a monitor which monitors the truck mounted concrete pump intelligently on working data management, real-time diagnostics, alarm logging, and service interval notice.
  • Various configurations and high-quality components.
  • Damping technology boom.
  • Boom stabilization control.
  • Multilingual man-machine interface system.
  • PWM+CAN dual communication mode remote control.

Technical Parameter
Brand Zoomlion
Chassis Brand Isuzu
Model ZLJ5297THB 38X-5RZ
Released date 2012
Chassis Cabin Isuzu CYZ51Q
Drive mode 6*4
Engine model Isuzu 6WF1A
Emission standard Euro3/14.256L
Max output power(kW/rpm) 265/1800
Max torque(N·m) 1422/1100
Rear axle: ratio/loading capacity 24.8 tons
Braking system Full air, dual circuit
Wheelbase(mm) 4595+1310
Tire 295/80R22.5
GVW (Kg) 28190
Overall dimension(mm) 11800*2500*3990
Boom&Pump system Vertical reach 38m/5 section
Pipe size 125mm
End Hose(L*D) 3000*125mm
Output (Low/High-pressure) 140/90m³/h
Pressure (Low/High-pressure) 7/11Mpa

Safety precautions for pumping and maintenance

1. When the truck mounted boom pump is running, do not open the hopper screen, water tank cover plate and other safety protection facilities. Do not put your hand into the hopper, water tank or grab other moving parts.
2. When pumping, the concrete inside the hopper must be kept above the foot shaft to prevent the concrete injection caused by inhaling gas
3. When plugging the pipe, be sure to release the pressure in the pipe before removing the concrete tow-pump pipe.
4. Maintenance and repair work can only be carried out when the truck mounted concrete boom pump is placed on a stable ground and no accidental movement occurs.
5. Maintenance and repair work can only be performed when the boom is tucked away and the engine is shut down and the leg is fixed.
6. It is necessary to stop the machine and release the pressure of the accumulator before maintenance.
7. Opening the hydraulic lock of the cantilever without fixing the cantilever at first, there will be a risk of injury when the cantilever falls down.
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