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Used Sany 46 Meters Concrete Boom Pump

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  • Sany 46 meters concrete pump, Isuzu chassis, RZ type, classical 5 booms, high working stability.
  • Manufacture Date is April of the year 2011 and pumping Volume is 124400cmb and Mileage is 35100km.
  • Comprehensive maintenance, direct to the construction site.

Overview of equipment:

  • Five-section RZ arm frame, the fabric is flexible.
  • X-shape outrigger, single side support, suitable for narrow site construction.
  • The fabric height of the three-axis chassis reaches 46 meters, and the chassis boom is configured with the best specifications.
  • Computer energy saving control, automatic power matching, the average energy saving is 20%.
  • The pump system is flexible to install, reducing the impact on the base frame and the wear of the concrete piston. reduce the impact on the base frame and the wear of the concrete piston.
  • The new control system is free to upgrade automatically.
  • The fault self-diagnosis system can automatically diagnose 150 faults and troubleshoot efficiently.
  • Intelligent boom system is easy to control, and can automatically pour for boom vertically or horizontally.

Technical Parameter
Whole machine profile Condition Used
Model SY5313THB 46E
Brand Sany
The manufacture Year 2011
Boom Length (M) 46
Chassis ISUZU
Pumping Volume(cbm) 124400
Mileage(km) 35100
Pumping system Max.Theor.output    (m3/h) 140/100
Max.Theor.concrete output Pressure   (MPa) 8.3/12
Pumping frequency    (min-1) 26/18
Hopper capacity  (L) 600
Filling height  (mm) 1540
Hydraulic system type Open
Valve S Valve
Oil cylinder dia.x stroke   (mm) φ130×2100
Concrete cylinder dia.x stroke   (mm) φ260×2000
Hydraulic oil cooling Air cooling
Max.aggregate dimension   (mm) 40
Placing boom Structure type 46-5RZ
Placing depth  (m) 41
vertical height 46
Slewing angle ±360°
Boom section 5
Pipe diameter  (mm) 125
End hose length   (mm) 3000
Chassis and the whole machine Chassis model CYH 51Y
Engine type 6WF1D
Drive mode 8X4
Maximum engine power 265KW
Total weight    (kg) 32800
Overall dimensions  (mm) 11520×2500×3990
Other Lubrication mode Energy-saving automatic lubrication
Control mode Manual+ Remote control
Water tank volume   (L) 620
Pipe cleaning mode Washing and dry cleaning

Safety precautions of Used Sany 46 Meters Concrete Pump

1. The supporting ground must be horizontal. Otherwise it is necessary to make a horizontal supporting surface.
2. the Sany concrete pump truck must be supported on a solid ground. If the maximum pressure of the supporting leg is greater than the allowable pressure on the ground, the supporting plate or auxiliary square shall be used to increase the supporting surface area.
3. When the Sany pump truck is supported near the pit or slope, sufficient safety spacing should be reserved.
4. When supporting, the whole machine should keep horizontal. The maximum horizontal Angle before and after the whole machine should not exceed 3 degrees.
5. When the legs are expanded or folded, the area in which they rotate is the danger zone. Individuals within the scope may be hurt.
6. When supporting, all legs must be extended to the specified position. (The supporting leg is aligned with the upper arrow on the ear, and the front supporting arm is aligned with the extension arm arrow on the front supporting leg) Otherwise there may be a danger of tilting.
7. The cantilever can be operated only when the supporting leg has been set up. The cantilever must be placed on the main support before the leg can be folded.
8. The cantilever must be closed immediately after a decrease in stability is detected. After removing disadvantageous factor, place them according to requirement afresh. The factors including rain, snow, and so on.

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