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Used Putzmeister Concrete Boom Pump 738

Product description of Used Putzmeister Concrete Pump 738:

1. Putzmeister 36 meter concrete pump, UD chassis (belongs to Nissan, 3 axle x-leg, 4 booms, high working stability.
2. The manufacture Date is August of the year 2007.
3. Working condition and regular work. Equipment evaluation and maintenance.
4. Remanufacturing will be carried out to ensure that every product is in good condition and that there must be no faults to the product when leaving the factory so as to reduce the working pressure and cost of customers.

Technical Parameter of Used Putzmeister Concrete Pump 738

Condition Used
Model SG5270THB
S.N. 211800717
Brand Putzmeister
Manufacture Year and Month August of 2007
Boom Length (M) 36
Chassis UD
Max.Theor.output    (m3/h) 140/100
Max.Theor.concrete output Pressure   (MPa) 7/12
Max Concrete Pressure  (bar) 70
Pumping frequency    (min-1) 27/17
Hopper capacity  (L) 550
Filling height  (mm) 1540
Hydraulic system type Open
Max Hydraulic Pressure (bar) 360
Valve S Valve
Oil cylinder dia.x stroke   (mm) φ130×2000
Concrete cylinder dia.x stroke   (mm) φ230×2000
Hydraulic oil cooling Air cooling
Max.aggregate dimension   (mm) 40
Structure type M36-4Z
Placing depth  (m) 36
horizontal length 31.7
vertical height 36
Slewing angle ±365°
Boom section 4
Pipe diameter  (mm) 125
and the
End hose length   (mm) 4000
Vehicle model DND5320THBCWB459P
Engine type PF6
Drive mode 8X4
Prod.type BRF36.14
VIN NO. LUDH5BDP570005722
Maximum engine power 253KW
Maximum speed 80 km/h
Maximum RPM 1775 rpm
Total weight    (kg) 26315
Overall dimensions  (mm) 11490x2500x3960
Other No. of Seats 3
Lubrication mode Energy-saving automatic lubrication
Control mode Manual+ Remote control
Water tank volume   (L) 400
Pipe cleaning mode Washing and dry cleaning

A used Putzmeister concrete boom pump is a machine which uses the pressure to transfer the concrete continuously along the pipeline. It is composed of pump body and conveying pipe. According to the structure form, it is divided into piston type, squeeze type and hydraulic diaphragm type. The pump body is mounted on the chassis. Equipped with retractable or folded placing booms, the pump truck is constituted.

The used Putzmeister pumps are modified on the chassis of the truck. It is installed on the chassis with power transmission device, pumping and mixing device, placing the device and other auxiliary devices. The power of the engine is transferred to the hydraulic pump unit or rear axle through the power box, and the hydraulic pump pushes the piston to drive the concrete pump. Then, the concrete can be transported to a certain height and distance by placing booms and pipe.

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