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Refurbished Concrete Trailer Pump

Drive of Refurbished Trailer Pump(remanufactured):

The motor (diesel or electric) drives the axial piston pump via a flexible coupling. Due to automatic output adjustment optimum utilization of the motor power results in low energy consumption at different pumping conditions. Additionally, the concrete flow can be manually adjusted and the pump operates in a proven open circuit.
The maximum placing output and the pressure are determined by whether the pump works on rod/piston side as per the customer's requirement. Automatic adjustment by the governor helps maintain a constant output depending on the power available from the installed drive motor.

Design of used concrete trailer pumps:

The portable concrete pumps are assembled in the unit construction system. The main assembly groups are Frame, Power Unit, Concrete pump kit, Control block, Hydraulic tank and Hopper with an agitator.

The Frame & Axle of Refurbished Trailer Pump(remanufactured):

The frame, in compact execution, is constructed from standard vehicle profiles. The pump is mounted on heavy duty single axle chassis with drawbars and pneumatic tyres for traveling on construction sites at up to 25 km/hr.

Control System of used trailer concrete pump:

The fully hydraulic control system is integrated into the drive. The compact control block and minimal hydraulic lines makes the equipment reliable and durable. The differential cylinder has trouble free piston rings and automatic constant stroke maintenance. Both gate valves change independently so that even when the full change over is prevented by foreign materials or similar obstructions in the concrete, the pump continues to operate without problems. All components are specially developed and manufactured to withstand the rough conditions on construction sites.

Hopper and Agitator of used concrete trailer:

Good suction power is possible due to large apertures at the hopper bottom section. According to the conditions on the construction site, the hopper equipped with a grill and rubber border standard can be provided with an appropriate extension as an option. The agitator is driven by the separate hydraulic pump. The reversible agitator motor drives the agitator shaft via an oil bath gearbox.

Pumping cylinders of Refurbished Trailer Pump(remanufactured):
The two pumping cylinders are hardened by a special process and designed for an extremely long working life. The replaceable hard rubber arms are easily changed due to quickly detachable connections.

Control Housing of Refurbished Trailer Pump(remanufactured):
Ideal flow conditions in the control housing results in superior placing properties, even in the case of concrete low on sand and fines, stiff consistency or crushed aggregates. Simple tilting of the output pipes enables easy control and cleaning of the concrete conveying path and the gate valve parts.

Pumping Material of Refurbished Trailer Pump(remanufactured):
Pumpable concrete, within any consistency range down to a water-cement ratio of 0.4. Even concrete with aggregate grading up to 40 mm can be pumped by with the concrete pump through a 125 mm diameter pipeline.

Flat gate valve of Refurbished Trailer Pump:
The two flat gate valves working independently have been specially developed for pumping concrete. Their working system with automatic adjustment permits trouble-free pumping even with badly worn parts.

Integrated Control Block of Refurbished Trailer Pump(remanufactured):
The hydraulic control system is integrated within the drive. The compact control block & minimal hydraulic lines makes the equipment reliable & durable.
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