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Putzmeister Concrete Boom Pump 728

1. Putzmeister 42 meters concrete pump, Isuzu chassis, 4 axle x-leg, classical 4 booms, high working stability.
2. Manufacture Date is June of the year 2007 and working hours is 4690 hrs.
3. After the repair is completed, new tires of complete Putzmeister used concrete pumps. Hopper maintenance; Finishing lubrication pipeline, circuit, and hydraulic circuit.The whole line is arranged, the old pipe and the pipeline are changed, the pressure is debugged for 8 hours, and the conditions are excellent.
4. The import quality is trustworthy. No formalities and higher cost performance.
5. The first class machine, assuring everything is in good condition, must having zero fault when leaving the factory, reducing the working pressure and cost of clients.

Technical Parameter
Condition Remanufactured
Model SG5341THB
S.N. 221800454
Brand Putzmeister
Manufacture Year and Month June of 2007
Boom Length (M) 42
Chassis ISUZU
Working hours 4690H
Max.Theor.output    (m3/h) 140/100
Max.Theor.concrete output Pressure   (MPa) 7/12
Max Concrete Pressure  (bar) 70
Pumping frequency    (min-1) 24/14
Hopper capacity  (L) 600
Filling height  (mm) 1430
Hydraulic system type Open
Max Hydraulic Pressure (bar) 360
Valve S Valve
Oil cylinder dia.x stroke   (mm) φ140×2000
Concrete cylinder dia.x stroke   (mm) φ230×2000
Hydraulic oil cooling Air cooling
Max.aggregate dimension   (mm) 40
Structure type M42-R
Placing depth  (m) 42
horizontal length 38
vertical height 42
Slewing angle ±365°
Boom section 4
Pipe diameter  (mm) 125
End hose length   (mm) 4000
and the
Chassis model CYH51W
Engine type 6WF1D
Drive mode 8X4
VIN NO. JALY9F5Y277000768
Maximum engine power 287KW
Maximum speed 80 km/h
Maximum RPM 1685 rpm
Weight of chassis and cab (kg) 10040
Total weight    (kg) 33500
Overall dimensions  (mm) 13100x2490x3890
No. of Seats 3
Other Lubrication mode Energy-saving automatic lubrication
Control mode Manual+ Remote control
Water tank volume   (L) 600
Pipe cleaning mode Washing and dry cleaning

Safety issues should be paid attention to in the construction of the concrete pump

  • The Putzmeister boom pump shall be placed at a distance from the edge of the foundation pit.
  • When the wind force is greater than level 6, the concrete arm Putzmeister concrete pump shall not use the placing boom. When the weather is hot, cover the pipes with something like the wet sack.
  • Pipe laying line for the horizontal pump should be reasonable. The support must be tightly fixed and reliable. The pipe joint should be sealed and reliable.
  • The size of sand and gravel, the grade of cement and the proportion should meet the requirement of concrete pump machine. When pumping, the material in the hopper should be higher than the height of the suction inlet to prevent air pollution.
  • It is strictly forbidden to install the vertical pipeline directly on the pump outlet. Horizontal pipe of not less than 10m length shall be installed at the front end of the vertical pipe erection, and reverse valve shall be installed near the pump. When laying the downward sloping pipe, the lower end should be connected with a section of horizontal pipe, whose length is at least five times of the height difference of the dip. Otherwise, the bending pipe can be adopted to increase the stress. If the inclination is large, when necessary, the upper end of the ramp should be installed exhaust valve to facilitate exhaust.
  • The stop and lock brake of pumping equipment should be used at the same time, and the tire should be wedged tightly. The water tank should be filled with clean water. There should be no sundries in the hopper. And the lubrication points should be lubricated normally.

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