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Putzmeister 42M Concrete Boom Pump

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1. Re-manufactured Putzmeister 42 meters concrete pump, Volvo chassis, 4RZ boom form with x-leg. First-level standard maintenance. High working stability.
2. Approximate to New putzmeister used pumps standard.

Whole machine profile Condition Remanufactured
Model Putzmeister 42M
Brand Putzmeister
Manufacture Year and Month June of 2005
Boom Length (M) 42
Chassis Volvo
Pumping Volume(cbm)
Pumping system Max. Theorem. output   (High pressure/low pressure)(m3/h) 140/88
Max. Theorem. concrete output Pressure  (High pressure/low pressure)(Mpa) 13/8.5
Rated working pressure 36
Pumping frequency (High pressure/low pressure)(min-1) 15/27
Hopper capacity   (L) 600
Filling height   (mm) 1350
Hydraulic system type Open loop
Distribution vavle S valve
Oil cylinder diameter.×stroke      (mm) φ80×2100
Concrete cylinder diameter.×stroke (mm) φ230×2100
Hydraulic oil cooling Air cooling
Reconmended concrete slump(cm) 12~23
Max. agreegate dimension (mm) 40
Boom section Structure type 42-4RZ
Placing depth(m) 41.9
Max. horizontal distance(m) 37.9
Max. placing depth(m) 30.7
Slewing angle 360°
Pipe diameter(mm) 125
End hose length(mm) 4000
Min. height of oping placing boom(mm)
outriggers span(front×rear×side)(mm)
Chasiss $ Pump unit Chassis No. Volvo 380
Engine No. ISDE270-40
Engine power rating(kW) 279
Emission standard Euro Ⅲ
Demension(Length×width×height)(mm) 12981x2490x3867
Others lubricating system Manual hydraulic lubrication pump dual-use synchronization
Hydraulic fuel tank capacity(L) 500
Control system Manual+remote control
Max. pressure of Pressure water tank (Mpa) 2.5
Water tank capacity(L) 650
Concrete pipe cleaning mode Water cleaning

Safety issues should be paid attention to in the construction of putzmeister used putzmeister pump

  • Keep the water tank full of clean water, and check and deal with it in time when finding the water quality is cloudy and there are many sand grains.
  • Bolts of the putzmeister 42m shall be fastened, pipe joints shall be tightly sealed, and protective devices shall be complete and reliable.
  • The control, high-speed handle, handwheel, control lever and cock shall be in the correct position. The hydraulic system should be normal and free of leakage.
  • When the pumping system is under pressure, it shall not open any delivery pipe or hydraulic pipe. The safety valve of the hydraulic system shall not be adjusted arbitrarily, and the accumulator can only be filled with nitrogen.
  • After the operation of concrete tow pumps, all the commercial concrete in the hopper and pipeline must be exported, and then the putzmeister concrete pump truck, hopper and pipes shall be cleaned. When rinsing the pipe with compressed air, no one can stand within 10 meters in front of the outlet end of the pipe, and the foam rubber and sand particles rushed out should be collected by metal net basket.
  • It is strictly forbidden to flush the pipe of the placing boom with compressed air. The folding and shrinking of the placing boom should be done in order.

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