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Concrete Trailer Pump

With the rise of modern industry, the construction method of concrete as the main material has become one of the main constructions in the construction industry, It takes up a large proportion in all kinds of engineering construction, this makes the development of concrete machinery durable, and there is a growing situation. Trailer mounted concrete pump, referred to as "trailer pumps", it is one of the various concrete machines, used for conveying and pouring in concrete construction.

Trailer Pump Products:

  • New Concrete Trailer Pump

    New Concrete Trailer Pump

    Trailer pumps have a long history, opened the prelude of independent research and development of concrete machinery equipment in China. The conveying pump products have covered products of 60 square m...

  • Refurbished Concrete Trailer Pump

    Refurbished Concrete Trailer Pump

    Drive of Refurished Trailer Pump:The motor (diesel or electric) drives the axial piston pump via a flexible coupling. Due to automatic output adjustment optimum utilization of the motor power results ...

Generally, a concrete delivery pump has the following main technical parameters: delivery capacity, outlet pressure, power, and distribution valve form. In terms of power type, pump trailer is generally divided into diesel trailer pumps and motor trailer pumps. In terms of hopper allocation, trailer pumps are generally divided into S valve, Ram valve, C valve.

Classification selection 37kW (domestic minimum standard concrete pump, under 37kW is fine stone mortar pump), 45kW, 55kW, 75kW, 90kW, 110kW, 130kW (diesel), 132 kW, 162kW (diesel), 174kW (diesel)...... 

Trailer pump is manufactured by electric, diesel and ultra-high pressure for your use on sites. The trailer Mounted Pumps prove their worth and superior performance in various applications, e.g. operate well at -22°C in Moscow, 55°C in Dubai, 12h continuous pumping and pump of difficult concrete like B90, C150, and 3-gradation concrete. 5 core pump technologies provide you with the best trailer pump. Trailer pump has high pumping efficiency, long service life, simple operation, efficient energy saving, cutting-edge technology, trustworthy! 

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