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Concrete Line Pump

Concrete line pump refers to the concrete pump mounted on the chassis of motor vehicles, which is easy to move and flexible.

  • Refurbished Concrete Line Pump

    Refurbished Concrete Line Pump

    As a kind of concrete delivery pump, vehicle-borne conveyer pump is often seen in new rural construction due to its strong mobility and high flexibility. It greatly improves the transport efficiency o...

It is mainly used for the following work:
1. concrete pouring construction of buildings and workshops;
2. concrete pouring construction of overpass road, overpass, and bridge;
3. construction of concrete for the airport, rail transit, and tunnel.

The onboard pump integrates the advantages of the towed pump and concrete pump truck and is more flexible and maneuverable. It does not require transportation, loading, and unloading, installation and fixation, equipment.

It is suitable for small batch, multi-site or narrow construction site. In addition, the onboard pump also has the following characteristics:

1. It mainly adopts the truck chassis which has strong universality, convenient maintenance, and long service life.
2. 4 hydraulic support legs can be independently controlled to ensure the stability of the whole vehicle.
3. Most parts of the pumping system can be exchanged with the towing pump or concrete pump truck;
4. it can be equipped with a motor or diesel engine according to user requirements.

Structural features of Concrete Line Pump

Concrete line pump truck, whether it is power-sharing or not, generally consist of chassis, sub-frame, hood, power system, the pumping system (mechanism), mixing mechanism, cooling system, electrical system, hydraulic system, support system, water cleaning system, lubrication system, etc. As for the working principle of the pumping system, the onboard pump and the towed pump are the same. That is, the engine drives the hydraulic pump to produce pressure oil, and the two main oil cylinders drive the pistons in the two concrete transportation cylinders to and fro. Through the orderly action between s valve and main oil cylinder, the concrete is continuously drawn into the conveying cylinder from the hopper and sent to the construction site through the conveying pipeline.

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