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5 Section Boom Concrete Pump

Compared with two-section boom concrete pump and three-section boom concrete pump, five-section boom concrete pump have more combination of folding modes. Commonly used in construction are M-shaped, RZ-shaped, R-shaped, Z-shaped and so on. RZ, a combination of two basic modes with advantages of R and Z, is widely used.
  • Used Sany 46 Meters Concrete Boom Pump

    Used Sany 46 Meters Concrete Boom Pump

    Our own number: 557Sany 46 meters concrete pump, Isuzu chassis, RZ type,classical 5 booms,high working stability. Manufacture Date is April of year 2011 and pumping Volume is 124400cmb and Mileage is ...

  • Used Zoomlion 38m Concrete Boom Pump

    Used Zoomlion 38m Concrete Boom Pump

    Product Description of Zoomlion 38m Concrete PumpCompact in design, 38m pump mounted on a 3-axle truck.Efficient pump unit, ideal for long time use.Agile placing boom with 5 arms with unfolding height...

  • Zoomlion 38 Meters Concrete Boom Pump

    Zoomlion 38 Meters Concrete Boom Pump

    Zoomlion 38 meters concrete pump, Isuzu chassis. Manufacture Date is November of the year 2010.Used condition and normal working. Equipment evaluation and Restorative maintenance.Economic and durable,...


Daily use problems of five-section boom concrete pump and concrete pump repair:

The followings are the fracture features of the arm frame of the five-arm pump truck. The lateral ears at the hinge points of the tail of two sections are completely broken. Most of the fracture traces were shown as old cracks. The other side ear plate at the end of the two-section boom is totally twisted. Local compression deformation of ear plate on the head of 1 section boom is caused by the fracture of the ear plate on the tail of 2 section boom. Most of them are new cracks caused by the ear plate fracture.

According to the location and shape of the fracture, most of the fractures are old ones. It can be inferred that the reason for the fracture of the pump truck arm frame is firstly the micro crack, which diffuses after the circulation of alternating stress in a certain period, and finally causes the sudden fracture of the parent material. As for the formation of the crack, there are the following reasons.

I. 5 section pump truck is basically operated in the open air environment. Due to long-term erosion of corrosion medium such as hydrogen sulfide in rain and air, oxidation corrosion is caused and local strength is decreased.

II. The weld is not fused to the parent metal. This kind of defect is common in welding defects. Especially when the plate of the pump truck is made of high strength steel plate, it can be clearly seen from the fracture surface that one section of weld is not well fused.
III. The wear of pin shaft and copper sleeve caused the impact force at the end of the placing boom. It was found that three pin shaft and six copper bushing had been worn. The wear degree of two pin shaft and copper bushing in the same group was inconsistent.

IV. From the design of foreign and domestic, pump truck arm frame, especially the first few arms connected with the turntable plate is generally high strength steel plate. Some indexes such as plasticity, ductility and weldability are decreased when the yield strength of high strength steel plate is guaranteed. The influence zone of thermal stress formed during welding causes the strength of weld and surrounding area to decrease.

Operation specifications, good maintenance, regular replacement of old pump parts can ensure few use problem.

When choosing a concrete pump truck, we consider our genuine development needs. The longer the size of the concrete pump truck boom,the longer distance and the higher height the material can be transported to. However, if it is used for concrete construction in some narrow construction site, the long boom may not be a right thing. The long arm will not only cause cost waste, but also make the concrete pump truck unable to be deployed in such a development site. Therefore, in the actual manufacturing process, we should consider our building conditions, practicality, economy, safety, maintainability, In other respects, pick out a pump truck with the proper concrete pump truck sizes. We must choose concrete pump according to the local constructing and therental market conditions. Teila supplies pump trucks with a range of boom sections, consisting of 4 sections, 5 sections and 6 sections.

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