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48m Concrete Pump Truck

The 48m concrete pump arm frame system rotary bearing is made of imported material, which has higher strength and service life.

The 48m concrete pump truck is designed on the basis of accurate data support of finite element analysis and dynamic simulation analysis. The arm frame system has reasonable structure and excellent performance. The stress and strain detection is carried out by the national testing center to verify the consistency between the calculation results of the arm frame structure and the actual working. Key components of the 48m concrete pump truck all adopt international well-known brands.
  • ZLJ5419THB 48X-6RZ Concrete Boom Pump

    ZLJ5419THB 48X-6RZ Concrete Boom Pump

    BrandZoomlionChassis BrandMercedes Benz Actros 4141ModelZLJ5419THB 48X-6RZReleased date2011Fob price(Appreciated with customer proposal and negotiation price)USD200000ChassisCabinActros 4141Drive mode...

  • SY5382THB 48m Concrete Boom Pump

    SY5382THB 48m Concrete Boom Pump

    BrandSanyChassis BrandIsuzuModelSY5382THB 48mReleased date2012Fob price(Appreciated with customer proposal and negotiation price)USD207000ChassisCabinIsuzu CYH51YDrive mode8*4Engine modelIsuzu6WF1DEmi...

  • SANY 48m Concrete Boom Pump

    SANY 48m Concrete Boom Pump

    Our own number: 5351. Re-manufactured Sany 45 meters concrete pump, Isuzu chassis, 4RZ boom ground jack is leg lifting. First-level standard maintenance. High working stability. 2. 20 hours pressurize...


Features of 48m Concrete Pump Truck:

1. Large-diameter conveying cylinder with good absorbability and large pumping flow.
2. The unlimited remote control device imported is light and easy to carry. The operator can handle by hand to control the placing boom accurately. 
3. The quantity of pump can be adjusted stepless;
4. The stretching speed of the pump can be adjusted stepless.
5. Stepless regulation of arm frame rotation speed;
6. Equipped with emergency braking device and automatic lifting speed device of diesel engine to save fuel consumption;
7. Original imported power boxes and pump sets;
8. Imported rotary reducer and rotary motor;
9. Imported proportional multi-way inlet valve;
10. Original imported valve;
11. Electric cabinet with imported components. All control modules are imported products. 

Features of hydraulic system:

  • The closed hydraulic drive system of free flow formed by double pump confluence has the characteristics of large output power and small loss, stable commutation and no impact.
  • The intelligent control system makes the drive oil flow continuously and input the drive cylinder without loss.
  • No need of fussy intermediate reversing control valve block. It reduces reversing impact, avoids excessive oil temperature heating and easier maintenance;
  • Compared with the open-type system with a huge oil tank, the closed system requires a small oil tank. The oil flow in the tank is gentle and not easy to be emulsified.
  • Unique cushioning technology can reduce the high pressure peak of the system. Even in the case of high output, the vibration of the placing boom is small and the tail pipe is stable.
  • Electrical proportional variable adjustment, so that the  concrete pours as required.

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