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45m Concrete Pump Truck

Safe operation of 45m concrete pump truck

1. stability of pump vehicle
The 45m concrete pump truck is similar to the hydraulic truck crane when it is running. But the pump loads more, the weight is bigger, and the center of gravity may be higher. Therefore, it is more unfavorable to maintain the stability of driving, so it should be driven carefully.
  • SY5401THB45-46M Concrete Boom Pump

    SY5401THB45-46M Concrete Boom Pump

    BrandSanyChassis BrandMercedes Benz Actros 4141ModelSY5401THB45-46Released date2011Fob price(Appreciated with customer proposal and negotiation price)USD200000ChassisCabinActros 4141Drive mode8*4Engin...

2. stability of working state 
It is not allowed to work without the support leg. The stable area of the fabric is the rectangle drawn by the connection between the center of each leg. Since the pump has no balance weight, tilting torque is high and there is no torque limiter protection. The working stability must be guaranteed. The approach is to increase the span between the legs to make the tip-over line out. Since the working stability of the pump truck is calculated according to the condition of full extension arm, it does not have uncertain factors like lifting operation, so it will not tumble in general. However, it is forbidden to use the pump truck for lifting, because the concreting machinery design has not calculated the lifting condition, and the uncertain factors caused by lifting have not been taken into account. If the pump truck arm is used for lifting, there will be accident risks.

3. rotation limit
There are a lot of hydraulic tubing on the 45m concrete pump truck, as well as the fabric joint. One way rotation is not allowed. Usually, a limit switch is used to alarm. The allowable range is 360 degrees.

4. requirements for the working site
The 45m concrete pump truck shall be operated on a flat and solid ground, with a certain distance from the slope. It has a strong reaction on one leg, so it needs to prevent landslide. There should be no high pressure line or bare wire in the operation scope.

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