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40m Concrete Pump Truck

The 40 meter concrete pump truck is composed of arm frame, pumping, hydraulic pressure, support and electric control. It uses pressure to carry the concrete along the pipeline continuously. The machine for concrete is transformed on the chassis of the truck. It is installed on the chassis of the truck with movement and power transmission device, pumping and mixing device, cloth device and other auxiliary devices.
  • ZLJ5300THB125-40 Concrete Boom Pump

    ZLJ5300THB125-40 Concrete Boom Pump

    BrandZoomlionChassis BrandHino700ModelZLJ5300THB125-40Released date2012Fob price(Appreciated with customer proposal and negotiation price)USD110000ChassisCabinGreyFS2844,2seatsDrive mode6*4Engine mode...

The 40 m concrete pump truck delivers the engine power to the hydraulic pump unit or rear axle through the power distribution box. The hydraulic pump pushes the piston to drive the concrete pump. Then, the concrete is transported to a certain height and distance by means of the cloth rod and conveying pipe on the pump truck.

Caution for 40 m concrete pump truck

1. Concrete pumps can only be used to transport concrete, and any other use (such as lifting heavy objects) is dangerous.
2. The height and distance of concrete pumped by the 40-meter concrete pump truck arm frame are strictly calculated and confirmed through experiments. Any subsequent connection of the end hose or extension of the end hose over 3m are not allowed, and the risk thus incurred shall be borne by the operator himself.
3. It is forbidden to modify the 40m concrete pump truck without authorization, including changing the pressure and operation speed setting, increasing the pipe wall thickness, changing control procedures, lines, arms and legs.
4. Operators of 40m concrete pump truck must wear caps and comply with regulations and site codes.

High reliability:
1. The main structure is made of steel plate. The arm frame adopts vibration damping technology, single side operation technology with protection and anti-roll control technology. It has high reliability.
2. Suitable for the new type of rural mid - low buildings
3. Suitable for the short arm frame construction of high-speed railway construction
4. The automatic reverse maintenance of the pumping system is easier
5. The X leg design makes the operation more stable
6. High cost performance

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