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36m Concrete Pump Truck

The 36-meter concrete pump truck is an excellent medium and short arm pump truck, which is made after HBT towing pump, HBC on-board pump and HGY hydraulic concrete dispenser. It is a high-efficiency, integrating running, pumping and cloth.
  • Heny+Putz+Hino700 Concrete Boom Pump 36M

    Heny+Putz+Hino700 Concrete Boom Pump 36M

    BrandHeny+PutzmeisterChassis BrandHino700ModelHeny+Putzmeister36ZReleased date2008Fob price(Appreciated with customer proposal and negotiation price)USD90000ChassisCabinGreyFS2844, 3seatsDrive mode6*4...

At present, some advanced manufacturers have begun to apply some special processing methods. China is in a critical period of national economic development. But China's machinery manufacturing technology is not advanced. To narrow the gap, we must catch up with the world's advanced technology. only in this way, can we adapt to the fierce market competition, thus promoting the sustainable and rapid development of the national economy. The core of market competition is to promote production efficiency.

The 36-meter concrete pump has less power consumption, higher capacity and better measuring capacity. A pair of compressors rotates along a specially made rubber tube, flattening the tube and restoring it to its original state under the force of its own elasticity and side conductors. At this time, a high vacuum is generated in the tube to suck the material into the tube cavity. Then, the material is expelled from the pipe under the subsequent pressure compression. So over and over again, the material is sucked in and expelled. The pumping system is powered by a motor or diesel engine, which makes the rotating structure simple, thus shortening the rotating chain, improving the rotating efficiency, reducing the failure rate and prolonging the service life. 

In the construction of fine stone concrete or mortar backfill layer in the floor heating project, the construction method of fine stone 36 meter concrete pump is not easy to damage the floor heating pipeline and can greatly improve the construction efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of workers compared with the construction method of elevator. In recent years, the fine stone equipt concrete has been widely used in the transfer of fine stone concrete or mortar on the wall and ground of high-rise buildings.

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