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By Concrete Boom Pump Sizes

When choosing a concrete pump truck, we should consider our actual construction needs. The longer the length of the concrete pump truck boom,the longer distance and the higher height the material can be transported to. However, if it is used for concrete construction in some narrow construction site, the long boom may not be a good thing. The long arm will not only cause cost waste, but also make the concrete pump truck unable to be deployed in such a construction site. Therefore, in the actual production process, we must consider our construction conditions, practicality, economy, safety, maintainability, In other respects, choose a pump truck with the right concrete pump truck sizes. We should choose concrete pump according to the local building and therental market conditions. Teila supplies pump trucks with a variety of arm lengths, including 36 meters, 37 meters, 38 meters, 40 meters, 42 meters, 45 meters, 46 meters, 48 meters, 49 meters, 52 meters, 56 meters and so on.
  • 36m Concrete Pump Truck

    36m Concrete Pump Truck

    The 36-meter concrete pump truck is an excellent medium and short arm pump truck, which is made after HBT towing pump, HBC on-board pump and HGY hydraulic concrete dispenser. It is a high-efficiency, ...

  • 37m Concrete Pump Truck

    37m Concrete Pump Truck

    Performance characteristics of 37 m concrete pump truckThe 37-meter concrete pump truck is a small pump truck. It is a concrete transportation equipment integrating driving, pumping and cloth.Chassis ...

  • 38m Concrete Pump Truck

    38m Concrete Pump Truck

    38m concrete pump truck is common in many construction sites. Before, the houses were transported by manpower. Now there are 38m concrete pump truck, which not only saves manpower, but also speeds up ...

  • 40m Concrete Pump Truck

    40m Concrete Pump Truck

    The 40 meter concrete pump truck is composed of arm frame, pumping, hydraulic pressure, support and electric control. It uses pressure to carry the concrete along the pipeline continuously. The concre...

  • 42m Concrete Pump Truck

    42m Concrete Pump Truck

    The 42-meter mini concrete pump truck is integrated with high reliability, economy, safety and durability. It has reasonable matching of chassis, power, electric control, hydraulic and pumping system....

  • 45m Concrete Pump Truck

    45m Concrete Pump Truck

    Safe operation of 45m concrete pump truck1. stability of pump vehicleThe 45m concrete pump truck is similar to the hydraulic truck crane when it is running. But the pump loads more, the weight is bigg...

  • 46m Concrete Pump Truck

    46m Concrete Pump Truck

    The 46-meter concrete pump, also known as the small orthopaedic concrete pump, is always used in the construction of floor heating. It can be used in the construction of various projects in the south,...

  • 48m Concrete Pump Truck

    48m Concrete Pump Truck

    The 48m concrete pump arm frame system rotary bearing is made of imported material, which has higher strength and service life.The 48m concrete pump truck is designed on the basis of accurate data sup...

  • 49m Concrete Pimp Truck

    49m Concrete Pimp Truck

    The 49-meter pump truck is a kind of common construction vehicle, which is internationally advanced in key performances such as pumping efficiency, comprehensive fuel consumption and arm frame vibrati...

  • 52m Concrete Pump Truck

    52m Concrete Pump Truck

    Let me introduce you zoomlion ZLJ5430THBB 52x-6rz concrete pump truck, a 52-meter concrete pump truck. Machine performance of 52m Concrete Pump TruckThe concrete pump chassis of zoomlion ZLJ5430THBB 5...

  • 56m Concrete Pump Truck

    56m Concrete Pump Truck

    The comprehensive energy consumption of the pumping hydraulic system of the upgraded 56 meter bracket concrete pump truck decreased by 4% year on year. Pumping control system efficiency increased by 5...


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